at times, im sure my amp doesnt get enough gain i need (on some occasions, im not much of a gain w hore, but i have my needs )

anyway, i was thinking i would need some pedals to help it perhaps...i'd like some metalish tone with a nice price...

1) would an o.d pedal add me more gain (if i run it on the od channel, and cranked)?
2) any pedal reccomendations for trash metal sound?
3) any pedal reccomendations for a classic rock sound (do i need one to help the amp reach the level?)

4) would the boss gt 8 be my new best friend, or should i buy my pedals individual (dont need half the crap on the gt 8 anyway)
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Throw an OD pedal in front of that beast and you'll be good. It'll boost your gain without sucking away that beautiful tube tone. I'm looking into possibly picking up a Bad Monkey overdrive sometime soon myself.
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Toss a Tubescreamer in the mix Test it first like, but that should remedy your problem.
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1 of course it will add more gain
2 ibanez ts808
3 boss blues driver
4 in my humble opinion, no