Ok. WEll I tyoped this one a little slower just so I coud make sure I make it at least legible.

Basically I went to Canadian Idol today, (the equivanlent of the MEricanIdol) and I made it to the T.V judges. I have to auditiong in front of the T.V judges on Monday. Wish me luck.

Any of you guys ever done this kind of thing before? ANy tips HOn how to imprees the judges.?

BTww: I'm a little drnk from sSAint Patty's day whiuc would explain for the spelling mistakes and the grammatical errors, don't be hatin.
Gool luck man, sing really well, that should impress them enough. If Canadian Idol is anything like American Idol, the prize isn't that great. The only time I saw last year's winner was when he sang his heart out for a Ford Truck commercial, which completely robbed any last shred of artistic credibiliby he could have possibly had, since you now know that he can sing with all his passion about Ford Trucks. It kind of makes his vocal pasion on any serious song seem phoned in and without actual emotion. In America it's basically a karaoke championship with the possiblity of becoming a coporate shill and being exploited for your hype and then tossed away. Also, they don't let anyone who has commited a crime or has done any nude pictures or anything participate, which pretty much omits any singers with actuall balls, attitude, or anything else that you would expect from any legendary singer you've ever heard of. Good luck though, I actually hope you don't win though, so that maybe you can live your dream instead of sell Doritos for your Idol contract.
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