It's been posted a couple times. I got up to 91, I can't get any further though...
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im stuck at 40....
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on question 15 what letter do i click?
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on question 15 what letter do i click?

spell out "horse"
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LMAO! i was so not expecting to see assrammer in here, and nope, never saw it. I'll edit my results in here once it loads and i take it.
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here are the walktroughs from the other thread

1: Four
2: No but a tin can
3: K.o
4: U have to click "The answer" which is in the questions
5: Move your mouse around ur window
6: Shallots
7: An elephant
8: Find the green one
9: Top right button
10: Teeth
11: n
12: Smallest one is in the i in the word "Click"
13: F'taang
14: Torch
15: Horse
16: H
17: Click on 17 in top left corner
18: The hammer
19: Blue Orange Green Green Yellow
20: Seal!
21: Top left button
22: +1 skip
23: Bran
24: It says that u have to press the V in Lives
25: Shoe polish
26: Arsefacey
27: Go to 28
28: Abundance
29: Egg Mayonnaise
30: U know what to do here
31: Woof Woof Woof
32: Babycham and human faeces
33: Seven
34: Go to skip buttons but don't press them!
35: Wait and u'll see
36: A walk.
37: Doesn't matter what u press here. I pressed No.
38: Mary Rose
39: Cylindrical Adventures
40: Use ur right click to get over
41: Afro (chicken's "hair")
42: Count the numbers until u get to the number 42 (second in the bottom row)
43: Tom Cruise
44: Solve the puzzle
45: Top right button
47: Just move your mouse around until you find it
48: Snaaaake!
49: Splapp-me-do
50: O.k.
51: Click them both a few times
52: Third leaf
53: ...but pa might not
54: No, about 20cm off the ground
55: A games console for wholemeal biscuits
56: Blue Red Blue Yellow - click them in this order
57: Erm...one?
58: Shepherds pie
59: Click the shoop da wooper like crazy
60: Yes!
61: Thumbs up
62: The moss (green stuff, looks like ground)
63: Tasteless white filth
64: Egg>28
65: Word "Largest" in the question
66: The exclamation mark at the end of the question
67: A big hairy arsonist
68: Move your mouse over the cat
69: lol, 69
70: Using it's anus
71: Wait until it's green and then press it
72: Find the light switch (somewhere below the number 72)
73: Top right button
74: No one knows that
75: Quickly click "Escape" which will appear under the number 75
76: Sugar honey honey
77: Question 77
78: Four
79: "U" in "What do you mean?"
80: Filthy Romanians
81: Move ur mouse up and down over the pole
82: click each toenail (be quick as mo'fo)
83: National Dyslexic Association
84: Grab all the "skips" and then after doing this grab the star (u'll need the skips later, believe me)
86: The Prince
87: Click the invisible dot near the number 87
88: Start clicking like crazy
89: Blindness
90: Nonce
91: Tear the paper, from left to right (3/4 of the page from the top) BE QUICK!
92: On the heads of the ppl - Click in this order 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 25, 1, 04 Hurry up!
93: Drag the bomb away, u'll find the button
94: Don't do anything
95: Move away your cursor and wait for the cat to finish what she's doing
96: A right mess
97: +10 times
98: Blue, red, blue, yellow (CLICK THE WORDS)
99: When the lights turn green, click it
100: Two
101: Type in chihuahua
102: When a stupid small square shows up, do not touch anything
103: Find the tomato
104: The yellow moon
105: U'll have to find the letters to create the word "Banana"
106: This 1 is pretty hard game, but u have to finish it somehow
107: Move ur mouse over "I am ignore u", it will say "game over" but don't do anything and it will go to next q
108: Type in WITH spaces: 4 8 15 16 23 42
109: Start clicking the money quick, it will poop and then click the arrow in the poop
110: If u have all the skips, congratulations, u've just finished the impossible quiz

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omg i just got game over on question 59! I couldn't figure out what to do with the shoop da whoop guy but now i know you just have to keep clicking him really fast.
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god damn. I got all the way to the shooting star one, passed it a couple times, and couldnt figure out the paper one within 10 seconds. Wasted about an hour.


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