can someone give me a list of takamines that do very well in both the plugged in and not plugged in areas?

what are some other brands taht i should consider?

im willing to spend 1000-1500
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Don't spend so much, you can just get a G-series for around 300$ and they are great.
honestly... in that price range, i'd probably go with something from the 300 series by taylor for the best tone unplugged and plugged in... and i'm not one of those biased people that just loves taylor and says they are better than anything out there.
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for that much, dont get a takamine, takamines are great values, they are generally in 500-750$ price range and play like finer instruments....but for 1000-1500, i would go with a martin ovation,breedlove or a taylor.... i have an ovation 1778 LX Elite..... its about 1300$. its great plugged in and unplugged the looks are....uh different. but go see for yourself. i recommend it.