Do they give discounts and stuff at Sam ash too like guitar center?
They have like 20 squier 51's left and i want to get a roland cube with it.
I mean I'm 14, my mom will be buying it but will they listen to a 14 year old lol
sam ash is based on Commission.
So if you were buying something, take a realistic amount of money off like $100 for a guitar and tell them the guy at Guitar Center said he wanted the sale really bad and he'd take $100 off for you.
But you like Sam Ash much more and hoped they'd do the same since you really don't want to give Guitar Center your money.

They did it for me, hope they will do it for you.

Give it a try, the only thing that will happen is the salesman will say ...."no".
the squier 51 and the cube will be like 280 with tax, do I ask for a discount or for some stuff like cables and straps? What kind of proof can I use to persuade the salesman?