So I've been playing guitar for a little over a year starting with acoustic and getting my first electric this past Christmas. I know most of the scales used in improv solos and about hammer-ons and all the stuff to keep it interesting.

Now that I know a fair amount about improv'ing I was wondering if I was applying the stuff I've learned right. Usually it sounds like I'm running up and down the scales but on occasion I'll have something that sounds decent.

I was wondering if any experienced guitarists could listen to an improv solo I did when messing around with some stuff for my band. Link is here, the solo is in LSP Demo 3 when the other guitar comes in. My main focus is on the improv solo as most of the "demos" are tests to check recording capabilities, drum tracks, and etc.

While I certainly don't mind anyone critting other stuff, keep in mind that at the moment that the majority of the stuff on our site should not be taken seriously with the exception of the improv solo.

Thanks in advance.
relax more. that sounds pretty good in general though.

what i found with improvising is play with others. Take a 12 barr blues backing track and try solo'ing over it, and work on phrasing and what not. When i first started improv over stuff like this i couldnt go for the hole backing track, without sounding crap. So i'd have alot of vibrato pauses. Now i can go for the whole thing.

so yeah relax, just try building up stuff without going overboard, which it sounds like you arent doing, so thats good.
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Relax and watch your timing. But, when I started out, that was an issue. They get better as you practice. Maybe work on keeping it clean. But, on a good note, I could see you getting really good.

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yeah i noticed the timing, particulary at the start.

Did u record with the drum track or add that after?
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Some of the timing issues resulted because I recorded every part separately and had trouble lining them up exactly, but a good part of it was probably my own timing. The bending part is something I haven't really acknowledged so I'll work on listening to the pitches.

I have more practicing to do but it's helpful to have other people listen to my playing, thanks for the input guys.