pretty cool. your sound is more just rock, but its cool whatever you want to call yourselves. iliked it though, keep playing it sounds pretty good! and finally someones band on here has lyrics that A) fit the music they are playing and B) sound pretty decent.
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i really like this stuff, very nice tune. i cant really understand much of the lyrics, but the vocals still sound pretty nice. the guitars sounded a little bit out of time in the very beginning but it worked itself out so thats fine. i dont know why, but i especially like everytime the line "i wrote 10,000 songs" rolls around. nice work, keep it up. oh, and you live near me. thats cool.
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this is the kind of stuff i like. when it started out i was like wtf? but it got good. the solo needs a little work but other than that its good.
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The only things I can complain is that the recording quality is a little naff, but there's little you can do about it. Also I felt at some parts the lead guitar didn't quite fit in with the rest of the music.
Do you have a bassist? I can't hear him!
Vocals are working out ok, too!
Yeah, there's not much we could do with Audacity. One more click and the bass would have been overpowering. That's the same reason the vocals are a little quiet.
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Yes, and I did use it, but for some reason it wouldn't let me adjust it anymore after some point.
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Yea there seems to be some timing issues at the beginning.
The vocals follow the chord progression really well. It needs to be mixed better though, and the solo doesn't work for me. Its too wimpy too be significant in my opinion. Make it louder and more in your face and longer maybe? I think that kind of solo will work better for this song, cause at the moment there is no climax or high point.

Btw the hipster is a pretty cool song. Your vocalist (maybe its you) reminds me of Bob Dylan.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=535143 Give that a crit if you have time
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This sounds cool. It's very poppy sounding for a garage band, but I like that. The lead guitar line sounds poppy, and the guitar solo does too. The solo is a little sloppy, too. I think it's a pretty cool song. It would proabably sound better if it was mixed a little better, but I think it sounds like a cool song. It's very classic rock meets pop sounding which is cool because I've never really heard anything like this before. Great job. Keep it up. Mind critting my new stuff, too? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=547373
i like it... i certainly wasnt expecting what i heard (thats a good thing).... great job... i like the guitar parts... you guys have talent... keep playing and keep rocking... you guys could go places with music like this... vocals were great and complemented the guitars perfectly... everything flowed perfectly.... 10/10

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Thanks a lot, guys. There are definitely rough patches, which I attribute to the fact that we've never actually played all the way through it. I only wrote it a week ago, and I played it for my other guitarist once, and then I went through it yesterday with he and my drummer before the bassist got there. So when he layed down the bass, he'd only heard the song for the first time on the playback minutes before. I also usually play lead, but I told my other guitarist to sort of on a whim because I wanted it to sound a bit sloppy. And the drummer, who's doing the harmony, didn't really know any of the words and was reading them in my barely legible handwriting. So given those setbacks, I think it came out alright. The climax is really supposed to be the bridge, but there was no way to emphasize that with our limited production capabilities. The nature of our seat-of-the-pants recording didn't really allow for much experimentation. Ideally I'd have added more vocals and another guitar arpegiating the chords there. My friend's uncle is opening a studio this summer, so we're going to redo this and everything else there once that happens. And yes, I am that Dylan-esque singer
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