Is it possible to raise the action on an acoustic guitar?
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Te easiest way is to put a shim under the bridge. A shim is a flat piece of plastic, which you insert. You remove your strings, pull the bridge out, put your shim in, then re-insert the bridge, and re-string the guitar.

YOu can also adjust the truss rod if you were just after a slight adjustment, but I would not recommend that if you are not sure what you are doing.

Do as the other member suggested, take it to a pro and have them restring it too while they are at it.
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^ You're right about the shims. You may also want to raise the height of the nut by a little bit (by ungluing the nut, putting peices of business card the size of the bottom of the nut under the nut, then gluing the nut to the card to the neck) to prevent the action from being higher towards the bridge.
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