I have a set of Duncan Designed pups in a guitar, HB101 in the neck and a HB102b in the bridge. According to this site, this is basically the 59/JB combo that is so popular...


Other than name, is there any real difference between my set of Duncan Designed pups and an authentic SD 59/JB set?
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just generally not as good, all around the clock, the outputs lower, the sounds not as good etc etc
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Eh, their built in Korea, and probably the quality control isnt as good as on "real" Duncans. I really dont mind my HB103's too much on my Schecter.

yeah i have two HB103s in my jackson and theyre not that bad really, could do far worse i reckon
You could do worse. You could do terribly worse. You could get a Squire over that. (Just don't think about) It's fine really. Just swap em' out later if you need to.