can someone give me some tips on how to use my fingers?
from what ive seen most people use 2-3 fingers.......thats all i know

does it matter what kind of music i want to play?

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i prefer to use two

now what you want to do is play alternating index, middle, index, middle. it'll take practice but just start by playing single notes then move on form there
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try not to pluck the strings up, pull them so your finger rests on the lower sting (like A to E), it's hard to explain, but fiddle around with it so you get that effect, gives a much fuller sound
I'm used to using two fingers, and it didn't take me long to get used to it because I was barely comfortable with a pick on a guitar yet. I haven't had any trouble with keeping up to any music, including the little bit of Cannibal Corpse I once played (and forgot lol). Three fingers will obviously be more useful for speed, if you can maintain the right dexterity with it.

I had a hard time trying to use three fingers for the few days I decided I wanted to learn it, but that was just because I wanted to play really fast death metal for those two days. I sometimes use three fingers for fun, but that's about it. I realized I didn't need the third finger, but it's still fun to play around with. One of those things you just get used to, and I'll probably be able to play just as well with the third finger in a few months because of it.
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its recomended u use 3 fingers. yo can't relaly get much more speed usign 3 figners than with 2. just make sure to alternate. the proper form is to pluck through a string onto thte next one, muting it. when picking to a lower (pitch) string use the same finger, but alternate if picking up. ie if you pluck a D on teh A string, and your next note is a G on the E string, you would use ur index (or middle) to pluck both notes. but if u went int he reverse direction, you would alternate index to middle, or middle to index.
rest your arm on your Bass
rest your fingers on the strings
extend your wrist out as FAR as you possably can, while still touching the strings.
With yrou index or your middle finger, pick a string STRAIGHT upwards.

You should be hearing a clean Bass note. No buzz or anything.

That is the basics of finger picking.