Ok so last night we were all partying at a friends house and when my friend invited his girl over she had a girlfriend come with.So were all drinking an have a good time when all of a sudden the girlfriend passed out after haveing a lil bottle of bacardie gold.Well my friends girl said "dont worry she does this when she gets drunk".Well 10 minutes later she finally wakes up an looks ok...........well the question is,Is it even healthy to pass out like that then wake back up?

I mean i bought her the stuff to begin with so if that shit's not healthy then i dont wanna do it again.Thanks in advance to whoever can answer this.
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SHe's expecting you to have sex with her while she's unconscious, duh.


Last thing I want is for someone to go to jail for rape because of something I said...

But seriously, I have no clue how healthy it is.
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Maybe she just has a narcoleptic reaction to intoxicants.
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SHe's expecting you to have sex with her while she's unconscious, duh.


Last thing I want is for someone to go to jail for rape because of something I said...

But seriously, I have no clue how healthy it is.

That...is exactly what I was gonna say...im stunned!
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well drinking a bottle of bacardi gold (or hard liquor in general) isn't healthy in the first place, not that i haven't done it, but that's just weird that she would wake up later, when i pass out i'm done for the night, so that's weird
funny it just happened to me 2days ago, chugged half a pint of that good o jameson passed out in like 20mins after that but i woke up like 20mins later and i was kool and i smoked a j after i woke up. really not sure how healthy it is but i didnt feel weird or anything, just a little tired that day.
I've heard that the point that you pass out from being drunk is very close to the point where you should go to the hospital for alcohol poisioning. I'm not sure if this is true, but I'm still pretty sure drinking after you've passed out is a bad idea regardless.

Maybe she's just a lightweight, I don't know. But I'd still not let her drink anymore.

I know that didn't answer your question, but I feel that it's good input on the subject.
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Maybe she is allergic to alchohol. I mean we all are to a certain extent because of our reaction to it but some people are what they call "cheap drunks." Maybe that's what's up with her.

There are many reasons for girls not being able to hold as much alchohol as guys. For one women have a smaller quantity of dehydrogenase, an enzyme that breaks down alcohol. Premenstrual hormonal changes cause intoxication to set in faster during the days right before a girl gets her period. Alcohol increases estrogen levels. Birth control pills or other medicine with estrogen increase intoxication. *

one of my good friends takes 3 shots of rum, gets sloppy drunk and then bottoms out for a half hour (doesn't pass out) and then she's raring to go again. On a full night of partying, she gets drunk and sobers up atleast 3 times.
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she was asleep for 10 minutes? that ain't passing out. that's being really tired. it's an involuntary nap. chill out.
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She was probably just resting, but it also depends on the time frame in which she drank it and how much she had to eat as well as person tolerance. I've been drunk before and had to close my eyes for a few minutes or else I'd get sick. That said, half a bottle of Bacardi is a decent amount of alcohol and anyone who claims they can chug a half a bottle of 80 proof and not be drunk is a liar.
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ok, coming from a heavy drinker here ya go... a lot of factors go into getting drunk and the effects of drinking... judging that she is a woman, i am going to say that it doesnt take too much to get her "pass-out" drunk... if she was under different circumstances of where she was and the amount of partying going on i am sure she wouldnt wake up from being passed out. at a party, you usually wake up and wanna hit it. but when you arent at a party, you tend to sleep on through it. the amount of food, stress, people around, temperature, and mood before the pass-out have a lot to do with it... but then again, what do i know? i am ****ing hammered... lol