I misunderstood the "scene cut" thread so i thought i would make a thread out of it. What movie scene would you want as your hair cut?

Indiana Jones snake pit for me, or the James bond gun shot scene at the beginning of all the movies.

Whats your "scene cut"?
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edit: still confused....
edit2: ok i guess im dumb since people are making sense of this.
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i like colin ferrels hair cut in harts war..my hair is kinda like that, actually
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i like colin ferrels hair cut in harts war..my hair is kinda like that, actually

no, what movie SCENE would you want as your haircut

props, set, costumes, actors everything as your hair
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what t3h hell? - i want my hair to be hair, not a movie scene.
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Heres a pic

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I hope that link works but if not tell me.

the alien thing would be good, or mabie the pie scene from american pie.
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Check it out. Citizen Kane. The burning sled on top of my forehead. I'd put in a little tape deck up there too with Orson Wells narrating the importance of Rosebud.

EDIT: Better yet, the best scene would be Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness getting his head sucked into the Book of the Dead. With the skeletons coming out in the background.
um...samuel l. jackson from pulp fiction. imagine that on someone's head. wow.
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the bit in The Matrix on the roof of the building where Neo starts dodging bullets... that way, my hair would be more wavy, as if in a breeze, and lend me more credibility whilst singing such Celine Dion classics as "My Heart Will Go On" and...other... Celine Dion.....songs....
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what t3h hell? - i want my hair to be hair, not a movie scene.

But its fun to entertain the idea isn't it?
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I'd have the Jackie Chan Legend of Druken Master fight scene Hair cut, yeah... that would be so.... savage!!!!
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When Earth get blown up in A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
The scene in Spaceballs where they get the VHS of Spaceballs while still acting
In 'The Empire Strikes Back' (Star Wars you dolt!) When Han gets carbon freezed and Chewie goes nuts.
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the scene where harold and kumar ride the cheetah to get to white castle, you know
from Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle
Yoda's swamp on Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back.
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I'd get DJ Qualls when he does the "crazy eyes" in The New Guy...lol, hopefully it would have the same effect on people as he does in the movie.
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I'd want my hair like that russian boxer guy from Rocky IV, all spiked up and blonde and shit....looked pretty tight.
Any battle scene from 300. That would be sick. Infact, the whole movie, on my head, 24/7. I would not leave the mirror.
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The scene in office space where they beat up the printer. It would look kind of badass but not really.
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i love you dude! (in a non-gay way)