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Roland Cube 30x
1 13%
Vox Valvetronix AD30VT
7 88%
Voters: 8.
Hello peeps, which amp is a better one in your opinion ?
im thinking of getting either 1 of those, but i just want to know which is a better choice.

I play all types of music, metal to jazz to blues..

Both the price isnt much diff. so.. yeah help
I say the Vox, the Cube is better at distorted tones but if you want a more clean jazzy sound i say the vox, it can also give a good metal sound. Not the best but thats what you want the Cube for. ok short in my opinion,

Vox: Nice cleans mid-range a little lacking but good all around versitile amp.
Cube: Incredible Distortion but the cleans are left more the the imagination than it is in real time.

Plus with the vox you get the option of changing your wattage with out sacraficin' your tone. the cube has it also but i thing you have to pay a lil' more to get that feature.
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Well both are good amps.

Most people here will say that the Cube is great for heavier stuff like metal.
While the Vox is good for stuff like classic rock.

Now the Vox IMHO is very versatile and can do both, also it has a hybrid tube technology. I have the amp myself and love it, great sound for anything overall and really good for classic rock.I recommend this amp.

As for the cube I don't have experience with it but again by what i've read it's a very good amp and seems to be great for heaver stuff.

^^Yup very good points listen to him thread starter.

Oh and I really suggest trying them both out and seeing what you like.
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