I was just wondering which brand of electric strings you prefer. I haven't yet formed a preference.
i use the thicker gauge strings. longer sustain, louder sound, thicker sound. i like em so much better. d'addario is what i usually use. i hate ernie balls
I use .008 gauge and tune down to drop C tuning. 8s are also good for Floyd Rose dive bombs. That way, when they snap up and hit you in the face, it doesn't hurt like a .042 gauge. As for brands, I go to the guitar store and unwind the strings off of the floor model guitars when no one's looking. Those always seem to last and last!
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I use DR extra light gauge. I don't like heavier gauges because they create too much tension in my picking, and I use DR because it's the only brand the area music store carries.
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Gibsons vintage reissue .011, for that nice long sustain when i rock out a good blues solo.
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GHS boomers for me will do

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d'addario for me, super lights .009 - .042

same here

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D'addario 11-52. Perfect for my liking. Hate Ernie Balls. Big fan of Rotosound Roto Reds too, but prefer the .52 to the .48 low E. Chunkier for de-tuning.
I'm Liking my .010s now, GHS. They sound really good, not like ernie balls which are rather cheap. 'course, I got a great deal on them at 10 sets for $20 on clearance.
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I started off with Ernie balls, then swapped to Daddarios after about 1 year and a half, then about 2 years later the shop had no Daddarios so I got Ernie balls and I think I might stick with those, not sure though.
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Im going to try out DRs soon. But as of what I tried, DDs.
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