Today I tried out a Peavey 6505 and the reason why I did was because I heard that it was suppost to be a good amp for metal, and I dont know if I was doing something wrong or what, I didnt have the volume up very high at all that might have been the problem but I cant see that making that huge of a differents, I was getting more of a vintage-ish sound out of it, so if you are either an owner or know your way around the amp, how do I get a good metal tone out of this?
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Yeah I will proboly go in there one day right when they open so I can hear what it sounds like cranked, and do you think that I might need a bit of od to give it a bit more of a push?
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hmm, that doesn't sound right. what kind of guitar were you using? Make sure you grab a guitar with some decent humbuckers. That amp has a lot of preamp gain, you shouldn't have to crank it to get a ton of overdrive. You shouldn't need an OD unless you wanted to shape the gain, it has plenty without an OD. Either it's been a floor model and the tubes are beat, or you aren't using the controls correctly. There's a 5150/6505 thread that has everything you want to know about the amp it if you use the search.
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I was using a $2400 washburn idol, so it had great humbuckers, and should I be able to get a master of puppets or early pantera ie.cowbows from hell sound out of this without effects or boost?
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allright here are settings.

Pre-Amp Volume - 7
Bass - 7
Mids- 2.5
Treble- 5.5
Resonance - 3
Presence - 4

MAke sure your on the lead channel

Post Volume is basically your master volume while pre volume is your gain
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Yeah I don't know about those settings.....might make it sound a bit....blah.

Make sure you're in the high gain jack, and on the lead channel. Set everything to 5 to start. Then play a low power chord and change the lows, then a mid power chord....then change the mids, then highs.....get it? Then I would put the presence all the way up, then bring it back down until you like it. I usually have it around 7 or 8. But thats just how I like it.Then the same thing with the resonance. I wouldn't say you have to have this thing loud to get a good sound, but it never hurts....and no a boost wont do anything. A 6505 has a lot of gain. Be my guest and try...but I don't think you're going to find it sounds anything spectacular compared to without it.
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