What are some awesome nicknames that people have given people in their bands. Coz im thinking Bones for me(coz im unnaturally skinny), Curly for our drummer coz hes short with curly long hair and Sajem for our second guitarist coz its the letters of his name rearranged. But they dont like any of them.
So anyway, leave some awesome nicknames and their justification

I'm figuring James wants something a little more "killer." Here - think of something that he does/ is known for doing. Once ya got that, something like an action or thing, think of some sort of synonym for that action or thing that sounds cooler.
assigning nicknames for yourself sounds kind of dumb.

but t-bone is a good one. (SEINFELD, anyone?)
You shouldn't assign nicknames, it doesn't make your music any better. And if you do give a nickname it has to be for a good reason that has a story behind it not just because his letters of his names are rearranged. Also only one person per band can have a nickname, otherwise it distracts from the music.
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just nickname the drummer or the bassist... gives them something to feel special about. we call our drummer "Mr. ADD" lol


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one band that springs to mind of this is mudvayne. with the whole Ryan = RyKnow. when my band is advertising itself we use our real names, but people who know us well normally call us by our nicknames.
what may be fun to some can look cheesy to others - but if you don't give a fuc.k about what people think than go right ahead.

one thing u could do is just do the whole (First Name) "Nickname" (Last Name) approach...i don't think that will look cheesy. i.e: James "Boney" Erickson