How do you guys practice.

I spend 30 hours practicing a week, and I wonder how you split your time. Would you rather focus on one specific technic or lick until you master it, or would you, for example, use 5 hours for theory, 10 hours of various technics, 10 hours to practice songs, 5 hours warming up.

Obviously this is over a week, but the point I want to clarify is how do you manage to use your time to get the best out of it?

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i don't maanage it but im trying to start ive only been playing a year and i know lots peices of songs but i know one song full through and that is yes-mood for a day, and its funny cause i spend at least 3 hours a day playing guitar but i keep playing the same stuff i hate trying to learn something new, i plan on learning how to do all the tricks and start learning theory stuff like that
I practice as much as I possibly can (no time limit)
I practice whatever needs to be practiced right then. Whether that be songs or scales or whateva.
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