Well I have made a thread in the Electric Guitar section but now I have chosen my guitar but am looking for a perfect amp.

I have around $400 US to spend and am looking for a solid amp that will be good enough and loud enough for gigging. I have already ruled out the Marshall MG series of amps because all I have heard of them is bad. Here are a few of my options, just give me your thoughts on them and their performance if you know. I am open to other suggestions as well.

Roland Cube 60. $310

Line 6 Spider III 75: $299

Kustom Quad 100DFX: $349

I play mostly heavy metal and rock like Pantera, Dragonforce and Black Label Society but I would like it to be able to be set from jazz to blues to metal.

Any input is good.

Thanks, Scott.
Try the Kustom for good cleans (blues and jazz) and decent distortion in the Randy era Ozzy to some metalcore range. (I raised my bridge pickup for more output because it's passive.) You will need a hot pedal running through your cleans for Pantera and really heavy stuff. Why don't you look at a Randall G3? I've heard good things about it.
If you want to gig and you have $400 to spend, I honostly think you should get a tube amp.

They can get loud, sound great and are great for gigging.

But out of those three I say Roland.
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The Peavey Valveking 112 is $430.

Save up for that. But you live in australia...

Out of those 3, get the Cube.
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