Hey all,
I've put together a quick couple of funk rock songs with basic funk drum beats and all the guitar or bass parts played by me. I'm currently hunting around for a vocalist/lyricist and have a little interest, so hopefully that will fill the songs out a bit, but for now they have a basic structure and both have solos at the end.

Get Out: The heavy rhythm reminds me of Parliment a lot. Definitely a real funk track. The riffs are sweet. I dont like the ending though.

Funky Shizzle: The riff is really sweet in this too, the rhythm is kick ass for the solo too.

Good job, these tracks have great grooves.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=535143 crit that if u got time ?
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I liked these a lot. What was that effect you used at the end of Get Out? These are very funky. I like them a lot. I liked that heavy riff in funky shizzle, too. The bass seems a little off or too low sometimes, though. How'd you do the bass? I think these songs are all really cool. Maybe with some vocals and a little more work they could be really really great. The riffs are cool and the guitar playing is great - the slopiness actually probably works in your favor. Good job. Keep it up. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=547373
Thanks. I used a toneport for the tones and just used a bass amp model and an octave pedal for the bass, which is why it isn't great (I'm not very happy with it either) and the solo effect is a phaser.
I'm quite busy at the moment, but will crit for you guys whenever I can.
dude those tracks are rockin. funky as hell. totally rockin. i can't even really describe em. cool guitar effect at the end of get out. and awesome guitar solo in funky shizzle. cant think of any critisism for these. theyre groovin man. give mine a listen? www.myspace.com/jonpaulstgermain
Funky shizzle, nice scratchy fiff, I don't like the heavy guitar though, it seemes irrelevant and not funky. Nice solo though, good tone. The ending seemed a little abrupt.

Get out, again, cool riff, this one is very funky. Nothing really to crit except it gets a little reptative. NIce solo again.

Would you mind critting mine when you have the time? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=545043
Yeah, I know they're a bit repetitive, but that's because I am yet to put on vocals. I have a vocalist/lyricist working on it atm, so when it's done I'll update. I might even put some extra lead stuff, or maybe some trumpet stabs in when the vocals are done.
EDIT: Getting round to critting now.
funky shizzle: bass is a bit boring for my taste. the tone on it is to warm, so its not very deffined. the guitar riff is really sweet and so are those bells

get out: too much reverb on these beats, they seem kind of hollow. i like this track better, that riff is very funky

crit mine?
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