Ok so I currently love my setup, but I was thinking about maybe tossing something else into the mix... a new sound. I have always loved hollow and semi-hollowbody guitars and their sound. Ideally I'd like a Gibson es-335, but I lack the $2000+ to buy one. That is why I need your opinions. What would another suitable route be other than gibby. Epi (are they worth it?), Ibanez, Hagstrom?
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I have a full hollowbody Artcore and I adore it. Much, much cheaper too
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Check out a Fender '72 Telecaster Thinline. They're semi-hollow, with two humbuckers, and they sound amazing. For a while I was considering trading my Strat for one.
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you should get the epiphone version of the es-335, the quality should (as it being an epiphone which are owned by gibson) be pretty simlar to the the gibson and will be A LOT cheaper, but being a fender fan, i'd go for the 72 thinline
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I've got a Thinline Telecaster type guitar. It's called Wesley Freeport and it's a semi-hollow Telecaster with two P90s and a gibson type neck (i.e. not as thin as fender necks).

It has quite a good sound, though I'm a beginner and it's the only guitar I've ever played. But like you've said I fell in love with the semi hollow sound. If only I had enough money to get the real thing.
Dude i just got a Schecter C1 Semi Hollow and it kicks ass. Its gotta piezo, some sweet Pick-ups(some may think not). But its definetly worth the $699 price tag.
I came to that conclusion as well, so I'm getting a Agile AS 820, and later I shall replace the pickups.
Try the Dot, Sheraton, Casino and Riviera are all great guitars,
I personally prefer the sound of the Casino, but try them all... Im sure you will love one of those
I love the way the hagstrom viking looks, it's one of the sexiest guitars I've ever seen... I have no clue how it plays though, I want to get my hands on one.
Epiphones make amazing semi hollows, i'd look into those.

I really love the Casino and a friend of mine got the 335 Dot I think, they got lots of great models.
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