Be warned, you might want to have the volume a little low when listeninig to "Why."


Since myspace hates me, I re-uploaded on soundclick. Should work now.

Edit: Alright, I updated it a bit based on current crits. Overall, it should be quite a bit better this time around.
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link doesn't work

edit: nvm i see the typo

edit2: It's not my type of my music, but it's good. It's very interesting and original as well.
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Industrial... I love Industrial music!!!!! I make some sort of industrial music, too.
I think the synth sounds that come in are too loud tbh.
Some interesting sounds, the piano riff sounds too midi-ish tbh.
Not a big fan of the synths, how are you doing them? Did you make them yourself or are they just preset banks or midi?

Care to listen to my industrial/electronic/rock track?
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Not my cup of tea. But Ill try my best to crit. Love the beginning. I almost feel like the song keeps building up but never gets to the point where id expect a harder more pulsing portion. But again, I dont listen to this type of music so I may be a bit of base. Certainly sounds original, just wish it had more of a climax.
the intro was good but it sorta stroggle toward the end like it was missing something, the piano was good and the synths were fine, i liked it keep it up

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Pretty cool intro. The piano didn't seem to fit the song as well though, same with the syths, its like a small slice of a different song. You do a decent job of blending it back in though.

Also the transition to the second synth riff isn't great, but as before you bring it back in well.

It's cool sounding, but the parts just don't all fit togher well, and it skips a little to quickly from one part to the next. This aside however, it's all good.

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A bit of explanation as of to why I have those little breaks: The song itself is basically about trying to work through something chaotic, but failing, no matter how many times you try.