Hello everyone. You may remember my previous thread (Interesting Music), but now, as you suggested, I have added vocals. I added them to a song I had already partially written (Wash Me Away). Please tell me what you think about everything (especially vocals) and please be constructive. Comment on any song(s) you would like, but the new on is the first one (not instrumental). As usual, thank you for your crit and I will crit yours in return. The link to my purevolume is in my sig.
vocals arent bad, they definitely have a lot of potential. they do seem a little tentative though, like you were holding back a little. i sure cant do any better though, so good work the double tracked vocals works great for the most part, some of them vaguely have a beatles feel, i dont know why though. oh, and its also a good song, that usually counts for somethin too. keep up the good work.
mind critting my new stuff?
Interesting, indeed. A very creative piece.
Vocals are better than anything I could do (but that's not saying much! :p) the double layering works well and sounds ace! *thumbs up*
I like the bluesey guitar lead bit, it's like the ones I do but better!
I'm sorry that I don't have any proper critisms to make, but that's a good thing!
Good work, keep it up!

Just give mine a quick listen if you don't mind?
i love the riff in the background
like everyone else said, the vocals have a lot of potential, but try singing more forcefully or with more confidence
i really like the solo, but the last tiny bit before the vocals come back in is a little weak, try and get a nice buildup to some sort of climax when the vox come in

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hey you're from Norfolk... im from Va Beach... but anyway... im listening to the song right now... im liking the vocals... they sorta fit right into the music... perfect... i like the tone of the guitar.... and the actual part... oh snap a solo.. im liking it... it fit into the music.. ive heard way too many solos that dont fit the music... but that defintately fit.... songs over... overall i liked it... cant say i had any complaints.... 9.8/10

P.S. thanks for criting mine
Really great. I remember loving the song to begin with, and its just as great with the vocals. They remind me of Elliott Smith a little bit, and that's high praise. You might consider putting a little reverb on them, though, spatially they don't seem like they fit with the rest of the instrumentation. They're a little loud in places, too. The song itself and the arrangement are just great, though.
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Nice guitar tones. The drum part would sound cool if it was more Mayer-styled, cos thats what your guitar and songwriting reminds of. Vocals probably aren't 100%, but still nice.
very nice guitar work. somebody said this sounds like elliot smith. it reminds me of elliot smith too. I like the double tracking on the vocals too, makes it sound much fuller.. the solo is absolutely sexy.

i agree with everyone though - sing with more force and reap the rewards.