Critting while listening.....

Your voice is off key a little in the beginning. A little too much reverb on the guitar but the playing sounds great. I don't hear an off note, the reverb just prevents me from hearing the lyrics well.

Vocally, the chorus is much better. The song ended already.....I was wanting to hear more.

Were you playing/singing at the same time? If you were, I am very impressed as I find this is difficult to do while picking.

I have never heard the original of this song so I have nothing to compare it to. I thought you did a good job. But for mixing, I would bring the vocals more to the front, and use less reverb on the guitar. Maybe use some dynamics/compression. I don't know what you use to record.

Thanks for sharing that, I liked it. 7/10

this is a collab by me and another UG member. GnR patience. Let us know what you think.

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