I'm curently off the electric guitar, from soloing and tapping....i'm lookin to builiding strength on the acoustic...and while i'm at it i figured to practice fingerpicking as well, so plz recommend me a few songs with figerpicking, not to complex ones...somethin to the level of tears in heaven, one last breath, more than words, nothin else maters etc. etc...thnx!!!
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The Entertainer. Great for fingerpicking, really easy. I learnt half of it over the phone with my dad. haha

Learn the fingerpicking pink panther theme, on powertab, in UG.
Here's a strong, chronologically-ordered list of songs for you to learn. Each song will progressively build upon the last one, and before you know it you'll be able to play heavy-duty stuff like Rondo Alla Turka and those two arrangements at the end.

Have fun

Silent Night
Minuet in G
Banana Boat Song
Spanish Romance
Endless Rain
The First Noel
Canon in D Major
Sonata Op.27 –2 “Moonlight” 1st Mov. - 2/2, 45
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Maple Leaf Rag
1812 Overture
Sonata K.331 3rd Mov. “Turkish March” - 2/4, 122
Bohemian Rhaspody (fingerpicking arrangement on Powertabs.net)
I Am The Walrus (fingerpicking arrangement on Powertabs.net)