i really like this a lot. nice blues licks you got there.
really crappy recording. my guess your using your bridge pickup for rhythm? try using your mid pickup if you have one. or lower the knob volume of your guitar..



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Yeah I am. I have my guitar plugged directly into my pc, and i have to turn the volume completely down on the mic and guitar so it doesn't distort like mad (trust me it gets much worse.) But yeah, thanks!

and sure
not bad at all, aside from the recording quality. 0:35 was my favorite lick, who knows why but i thought that one was really good and simple. keep it up, id suggest maybe investing in a mic to do your recordings. mind giving mine a listen?
There ought to be some way you can get around your recording problems... I plug direct from my multi-fx pedal into my sound card's line in and I don't get that distortion.

Your plying was good though! Some nice licks in there. Jsut need to get your recording sorted out.

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i like the licks, i use garageband, it seems to be good. i dont plug directly into my computer either. on the low notes of the bass i think , its making it sound a little off, prolly just your recording stuff, but anyway, nice work.
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Thanks for the suggestions! I'll try to find a way to fix it. I'll also check your guys stuff out.