alright i recently got my new bass(Ibanez, woot!) and ive been looking for an amp to run my bass through. one of my friends plays keyboard/piano, and i went over to her house to jam a bit with my band, and i ended up running my bass through her keyboard amp(Roland). and, amazingly, it sounds really good! way better than the bass amp i found yesterday(cheap one, doesnt even have a name) has anyone else here run their bass through an amp thats neither bass or guitar and had great results?
my friend does. i don't know anything technical about it or affects of doing that, but it works.
Technically speaking keyboarist use modified Bass amps.

It kinda the same idea that you can NOT run a Bass guitar through a guitar amp, yet you can run a guitar though a Bass guitar amp.

Keyboardist need the added low end concidering that they do go into the Bass frequencys often. However, they also need brightness for the high frequencys.

To be perfectly honest, keyboard amps would be quite awesome for that higher sound with more mids and treble, yet still supply that bass signature! If that is your sound.
So instead of me buying a new bass amp, I could get a keyboard amp and have some weird sound capabilities? Or am I missing something?
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I used a keyboard amp for about four months before I got my Roland Cube 100. It had decent tone, but it had a horrible habit of buzzing until you hit it... It was just old though, and it had seen more than its share of playing. I never tried any effects with it, seeing as how I was new to bass and broke to boot, but I imagine that a keyboard amp would be better suited for effects than a bass amp would normally be (there are always exceptions).
Split your signal and send it to a standard bass amp (for low end) and a keyboard amp (for highs). That definitely sounds like a good way to go.

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We used to use keyboard amps at school, and I'll say that they are not a good substitute for real bass and guitar amps. But yet the bass amps at my school suck ass anyway
Keyboards amps usually have an even response across a wide range of frequencies and (without effects and EQing) make very little impact upon your tone. If this is what you want, then you'll like the sound of a decent keyboard amp.
when i play in band i play thru the Roland KC500. wich is a PAamp/Keyboard amp

at first i did not like the sound becuse the bass/mid/trebble EQ were two broad because the bass guitar frequencys are in the bass/mid knob and some frequencys dab into the trebble of it. the amp is mainly designed as a PA/Keyboard amp.

but then i bought my Sansamp Bass driver so i would have a preamp specially designed for bass frequincys and i really liek the tone. still ather plug it into a bass amp, but the tone i get stright to a PA is very decent.

OMG that pedal is a lifesaver i know if i have to i can just run my sansamp to a PA and still get a good tone i really think evry bass player needs one and eventually when i get my AMPEG SVT4PRO+Ampeg 8X10E (one paycheck away) i will eventually buy the rackmount RBI version.

You can get a very decent "meat and potatoes" sound but with a amp modeling or preamp running into a Keyboard ( or PA) you can get a nice sound.
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