i want to start shredding but im not sure if i can or not... anyway, what are some easy songs to start with?

also, any good metal riffs or solos would be great... something thats not too hard but still good to show off to some mates

thanks guys
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cemetery gates by pantera
for the love of god by steve vai

also play chromatics and lots of legato stuff.
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u definitly can..

i had some similiar question when i first started to consider shredding. I went and got myself guitar pro, that really helped.

Do some reasearch first. Go read Steve Vai's 30hr workout (if you dont have it or cant get it, pm me with email adds). Then go get yourself Troy Stetina's, Speed Metal. This will give you tonnes of riffs you can work on for months. Read what other famous guitarist have to say about playing the guitar, any tips or exercises will do you a whole lot of good. Shredding can be a little dangerous to your arms if you dont do the right exercises, practises and warm ups.

Moving on, here are some very important guidelines to shredder type guitarist.

1. Always start your riffs slow, build up speed
- muscle memory plays a giant factor in building true clean speed. Without building up speed as you go, your playing will sound terribly bad.
- Start off with a very slow tempo, one that suits your style, everyone has the tendency to rush things, DONT!, its very important that you first start your riffs at a comfortable speed then take it up everytime you feel comfortable at that speed.

2. Use a Metronome.
- This will become your best friend.
- Use it everytime you practise. It will serve you well in keeping your playing together and in time
- Metronomes also push you to become faster as you try to keep up with the tempo

3. Dont quit easy.
- alot of people will say, "arrggh i can never do this ever.. i suck", not true..
- keep with your exercises and practise a whole lot everyday.

4. Build a routine
- create a routine that suits your needs, if you suck at legato make sure you incorporate that into your routine.
- With a good routine, 15mins a day can often mean more learnt that 1hr of mindless practise.

- i cannot stress how much you need to practise. Most people will tell you they practise up to 10hrs a day.. most people lie too.. but there are some nonetheless..
- I personally keep to a minimum of 4hrs a day.

6. Include Jam Sessions
- include a jam session into your routine, its the most rewarding thing you can get out of 4hrs of exercises
- watch your exercises pay off during your jams

7. Dicipline
- shredding may seem like a whole lot of junk to alot of ppl, most are jealous they cant do it.
- Keep yourself motivated to the cause. Watch concerts of your fav musicians and stuff..
- Keep to your routine, everyday, everytime you can. Keep to a minimum of 30mins a day or practise, try to squeeze it into your day everyday.

8. Watch yourself grow
- It will feel like it takes forever, but it will surely pay off when time comes..

9. Dont be a prick and show off
- No you are not the best guitarist in the world, go watch youtube there are probably 165,686,444 people better than you, but that doesnt mean you should quit now.
- Reward yourself with a jam or a cookie every once in a while, just dont brag about it..

omg, amazingly long post.. pheww.. hope it helps..

(pm me for more info if you like..)
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thankx mate.. UG has given me tonnes of help.. i guess this is kinda like a little payback..
"I don't mind making sissy rock. I'll rock your ass sensitive style" - John Mayer
Yep, great post!

Practise...DAILY practise is absolutly necessary. As is a metronome, nobody likes listening to someone who can't play in time.

The only thing I'd still like to stress is TENSION!!! If you feel you're tensed up when you try to play fast or when you start to feel pain, immediatly stop! Then analyze what you're doing.

The best thing to do is to build up each motions extremely slowly (slower than 40BPM quarter notes).


Cas' post is really helpful.

If you're shoulder is tensed up you might be able to get fast through loads and loads of practise, but you'll hurt yourself in the proces. It's the same with other things like anchoring.

Slow and correct practise makes you accurate and accuracy is the only valid way to speed!

Be sure to check out these threads:





Kristofer Dahl's videos are a great way to start out shredding too.

And this site has great exercises too:


But remember, don't stress speed. If you play too fast uncleanly you'll only train bad technique and it'll take a lot of work to get rid of it again. Start slow, practise correctly!
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Legato means smooth and connected
And this site has great exercises too:


I second that.
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