As far as i can tell the guitar playing sounds very good and its a v accurate cover. However the guitar is very quiet so its a bit hard to tell. What youve said about the vocals is true, maybe try bringing the capo down 1 or 2 frets to fit your voice.

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I added a clearer version, but it has more mistakes

I tried lowering the capo, but it sounded wrong, I'll just try to practise singing higher.
The guitar sounds great in the second version.

You can definitely hit the notes, you just need to work on your intonation. Also, this song is pretty chill, so relax a little more when you sing and let some more emotion flow from your voice. It just sounds a little forced.
Yeah, that might be because I've been pushing myself for a couple of days trying to play it. Now I have it I can relax a bit more.
Pretty good, although, you shouldnt really push a song. your supposed to have feeling when you sing it, it really makes you way sound better. You already mentioned above what I was going to say, yeah, you need a little more practice, but all and all if you stick with it your only going to get better. so keep at it!

Oh yeah, try lowering the capo 1 fret, it will help greatly.

I did a cover of this a long time ago you can have a listen if you want.


Audio is pretty crappy, And I was a noob at singing but its all good
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