I don't know if this has done before, but what are your favourite frets to play at? (ease of play, sound, speed on them etc)

i personally love frets 9-12, and often see myself start a song from there for some reason...and i use a fender strat

what about you?
I seem to remember a thread like this ages ago...and I mean ages ago...

I guess my favourite area is 8-11 mainly because the C Aeolian Scale was the first I learned.
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7-14 ftw!

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20-24 to be honest. That's where most of the stuff I like to play is situated. Luckily, the strings on my guitar are perfect for it, and so is the tone I have, so it actually sounds great.

Maybe I should take up the piccolo instead...
7-9 blues scale baby
Originally posted by Mad Marius
You've broken a low E string??? What style do you play, guitar raping noise core?
12 - 15, i know the pentatonic is easy... but i just love it
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anything below the 12th fret

12-24 ftw.

i spose i just love shredding.
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3-7 also. must be a N. Wales thing...

Neat =P
Where about do you live?
Not that im going tocome kidnap you. Your amp maybe..
4-15, you can use them for shredding, and for more chordy work
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Neat =P
Where about do you live?
Not that im going tocome kidnap you. Your amp maybe..

NOO NOT THE AMP!!! haha. i'm on Anglesey yourself?
12-17 seems to be my home when I break into solo lead
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open to 24.

Why limit yourself?

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Frets 3 to 9.
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you know if you tune it differently it takes the value of fret 9 and any other fret away to a different fret lol
9 to 22
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NOO NOT THE AMP!!! haha. i'm on Anglesey yourself?

Flintshire, it's pretty near the border of england, which I'm quite happy with, near liverpool, lots of guitar shops =P.
Around 10-17
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5-8 and 9-13

I like the blues minor pentatonic.


blues minor pentatonic....what else do you need? (rhetorical question)
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Am I the only guy that prefers 0-3?
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I'm also a big fan of 9-12, it's nice, the notes are smooth and mid-sounding, they're easy to play, very comfortable to play in.
I also use a strat.
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0 - 24. All ranges on all strings have their different sounds, i like to use them all to my advantage.

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