If I had done this to you
and you had done the same
I would assume the righteous role
and you would be the sane
Not to say it isn't fair
That the hero's always sounded
When the villians are more sensible
To their known surroundings
If only to say that I would do the opposite of you my friend
Your just another chapter in my life that with never be read again
With tales of such, and lore of old, who needs another renegade
When the trumpets sound, the alarms of now, lets see who's ranks in the brigade
You can take your sham
While I take my aim
Yes you can heal your bruises
While I'm the one whos wounded
Your chance is now, the time is dire
It fades away, as the clock expires
You say we are corrupt and we should never utter words again
Well lets see if your opinion can change with a bullet in the head
Clear the trash, expose of the waste
Of an entire generation's taste
Self-pity will never ever give you any fun
Self-righteous anger, whats more sensible than guns?
The baggy stocks, the slutted locks, but it's clearly justified
You drank a sip, and took a slip, and broke your fall between his thighs
Oh, for shame that such a dame could inflict such awful pain
After all were you not supposed to be the sane?
Oh but your just a girl
Yes I forget you've got a tougher world
Well, Ms. could you inform me please
Of why I must conform to thee
I've heard of all said in the past
So hunny you may toast a glass
She starts to stumble, she takes a tumble, but the reasons aren't as clear
She begins to scream, but she fails to see, nor can she hear
The trumpets that sound, the alarms of now, she is another renegade
Another statistic, of another hazard, as her chance beings to fade

*truck beeping it's horn*


This is my first entry on UG of my lyrics, I just finished typing this, thought I'd see if anyone has any criticism for me. It's called "#7" cause it's the latest of 7 writings I've done recently.

EDIT: Accidentally typed some words twice. Please tell me if you notice anymore of this.
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