The music to the old Trasnformers movie is awesome, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a single tab anywhere for the music.

So, can people tab this stuff so i can play it. I would do it myself but im pants at guitar, just started an i can just about read a tab properly nevermind write one.

Anyway, the songs are like this...

Stan Bush - The Touch
Stan Bush - Dare
N.R.G - Instruments of Destruction
Spectre Genral (aka Axe Grinders??) - Hunger
Spectre Genral (aka Axe Grinders??) - Nothings Gonna stand in our way

Sorry, aint figured out a way to put te songs up on the net so ppl can listen...

Well, cheers people, have a go so i can play these properly!! /they are all AWESOME 80's rock
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apparently spectre genral alias is kick axe, not axe grinder :S

anyhoo! come on people!! pleeeeease get tabbing!!

I would tab these but i jus aint good enuff.

I'l offer a reward of a plum danish pastry to anyone who cab the song. A marks and spencers danich pastry at that so its tasty.

And possibly a cookie as well if you can tab them all