We got you a sweet looking and sounding Octavia pedal for $150 with USA shipping and paypal included. I had a request from a local customer for an Octavia and built two more while I was at it. This is one and there's another that I might keep. This finish is insanely difficult to photograph, it's sparkly with highlights and purty stuff.

This is a clean, professional build that I'll stand behind and guarantee. I am a professional technician with experience ranging from digital synthesizers to early fifties tube amps and all points between. I've serviced and built gear for touring pro's. You can buy and gig this pedal with confidence. Go here for mediocre sound samples.

This takes a standard "Boss style" DC power supply and is negative ground so you can daisy chain it with your power supply. The right jack is in, the left is out; the right knob is intensity the left is output level. The sound is beautifully and fundamentally sick. My playing, recording and musical imagination do not do it justice.

Thanks for looking.