ok i use Super Slinky which is fine for me.. but theres so much more like Hybrid Slinky or Extra Slinky. Which are the best for a metal guitar player?
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i personally like the super slinky's the hybrids are a thicker guage anyways i think the high e is a 10 or 11 cause hte supers are 9
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Grab a bunch and test them all out

lol nah i thought itd be easier just to ask you guys :P.
and "you guys" would say,

10s, theyre fukin awesome.... no dude, 11s is the way to go, GOD hybrids RULE... and some prick will add, nono 16s are the way to go the thicker the better...

Just like tons of threads alike...

The best advice i could give you is that, try to gradually jump to higher gauge, not simply take the highest ones. Test each one your own, you'll gain experience better with the tone that you hear and the action/feel that you felt your own.
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Thats what she said...
i use power slinky's on my les paul (11)

and super slinky's on my telecaster (9)

mads right tbh mate, its all a matter of personal feel
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