DR high Beams them sound awesome.. they cost a bit more then D'Addario and ernie ball.. but its worth it..
I've got Beef Slinkys on my BC Rich which is tuned to drop C and Regular slinky on my Ibanez which is in standard tuning.
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D'addario 12's. Thats where it's at.
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...or were all screwed =]

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Which are possibly the best metal genre guitar strings??

Whatever gives you the sound you want.
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I use DR TITE-FIT JH-10 strings which are 10-14-18-32-44-56. They're like the Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms but they go thicker. I used to use Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Ernie Ball's but they died really fast for me.
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i use 9-42 elixer nanoweb antirust on my dean FBD ML, and 10-46 on my ltd ex-400 (mainly for downtuning, hence the slightly thicker guage)
this question always seems to generate a lot of disagreement. personally i once tried ernie balls on my strat and for me the tone was totally killed, all of the fender twang and cluck was missing.

the only strings i use now are fender 10 - 46.
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Ernie Ball Super Slinkies, although, really depends on the type of metal you're playing....
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Depends on my mood of buying strings...

If I want a little more tone but sacrifice the life of the string then I'd go for
an Ernie Ball RPS9 Super Slinkies, but right now I'm on a tight budget so I'm
using D'Addario XL .9s...

I use GHS Boomers 10-46. They do the best for me.
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