I'm from England, (don't flame me :P) but I really enjoy playing basketball, and I wanted to start supporting an American team as we don't have any major basketball leagues over here that I know of.

So, which team do I support and why? Suggestions please!

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the Phoenix Suns
Steve Nash = best player in the NBA

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maybe you would like to support the new york knicks since the city is named after one of your cities
Watching the cavs with lebron james is always pretty exciting. Mayb even the Wizards or lakes, or Nuggets.
man, i just saw this thread sorta randomly, you dont go around asking who to support! i think you should watch a few clips of NBA on youtube and find what teams style/players you like best. i dont play basketball or follow a team, i'm from ireland, but i feel watching it yourself on youtube would be a good way to start
pheonix suns, san antonio spurs, and miami heat.... IMO the three teams with some of the best players in the NBA.....
Sky Sports shows games on Sunday nights (and I think Saturday mornings). Watch a game, and decide you'll support the team who wins.

That's what I did, and now I'm stuck supporting the Timberwolves...
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