whats the most usefull basic theory that a bassist can learn? i have no idea where to start.
what notes are on the fretboard. it lets you create harmonized melodies without relying on the basic chord structure. knowing that your fourteenth fret on the G and the open on the D is good, but if you know what the names of the notes are you can harmonize anything. it adds great support to your playing. also, (i'm not sure if this is theory or not) but learning slapping popping and tapping are also really good skills even if you don't play anything that uses it, because it will still give you benefit in the long run knowing these skill. cheers
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The most useful theory for ever musician is Scales, lots of them!

But i highly recommend you to learn as much theory as you can, it helps alot!
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Jazz Theory.
its mind-blowing.
learn it.
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Jazz theory will include most if not all of what you need to know to form the basis of most of other types of music you will ever play--scales (modes), chords, rhythym, walking bass lines---the list goes on.
I think Pentatonic scales are ze best to start with then move to major scales when your good with pentatonics, then all the stuff that ^they all said JAZZ/Swing is great to learn and expriment with.
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^ you should start with major scale, and see how pentatonics are derived, because pentatonics alone are not that good, but they can sound really well while being incorporated with other 'non pentatonic' notes still in key
Learn your modes
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