hmm, ok i'm just wondering now, have I turned scene without noticing? I mean, i brought a bright graffiti shirt yesterday like they wear and I've started using gel and towel drying my hair, back combing and hairspray too... its massive and I'm getting lots of looks even though all my friends and even my family like it

so, am I scene?

bear in mind although I have nothing against scene kids, I don't want to be one
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Yeah, you're scene man.

Time to cut those wrists, no?

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If you have to ask, you proabably are.

Good call.
Ouch dude.. I think all you really had too do would be to cut your hair or something and not make it look gay all the time and you would be good to go.
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vote sars! i will solve all your problems.
not too scene, but i think the more appropriate thing, future rock god, is that if hes asking if he looks scene he isnt scene, because he doesn't want to be branded as that type of a person.

edit: BTW, i like it, i would suggest against changing it, its cute.
your not scenc just really gay looking dude. No guy should do anything do his hair but let it dry.
your a dude? ha!
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if you're taking myspace pictures in the mirror like so, then yes.
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