Alright, I've been playing for about a year now, and I've focused on developing technique and tone. I'm trying to grasp music theory, but its pretty difficult for me for some reason, so as a result I know my playing is not nearly on the level it could be. So while I slowly learn theory, I'm going to try to practice some challenging songs that will improve my overall playing skill, and I was wondering what songs you guys would recommend. I'm pretty loose in what genres I play (I do indie rock to metal at this point) and as kind of a idea where I am at playing wise, heres some of the stuff I can play (almost all of them minus the solo though)

Ghost and Post Office Buddy by Buckethead
Easy Ac/Dc (Back in Black, Tnt, etc)
Most Metallica
Some Pantera (Walk, Parts of Cowboys from Hell, Cemetery Gates)
All Nirvana
Rage and Audioslave
Easy Ozzy / Sabbath
if you would like to play faster, this is extremly useful:

Speed Buster. Part 1 - More Practice | Lessons @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

once you get "fast" try learning the solos in all of the songs you mentioned
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