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So I was ****ing siked to go see HORSE, they played at the beta bar in tallahassee. Well they were incredible, and i figured i'd post some pictures:

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Nintendocore Ftw! :p
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****in lucky! The two times in the past 3 years they were supposed to play up here they canceled >.<
i remember being into this band like 3 years ago when they only had their first EP out, crazy how popular these guys have gotten

i remember getting into this huge debate with Nate (the singer) about dr wily being an in the closet homosexual
I saw them when they were touring with Dragonforce.
It was epic.

EDIT: Best. Triangle Player. Ever
time machine. Inadvertently, I had created a
I saw them with Dragonforce in L.A. The entire crowd boo'd them off stage they sucked so bad.

Maybe it was a bad night for them, but they just didn't rock the house. All That Remains was killer though!
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Nintendocore Ftw! :p

God, shut up.

In unrelated yet somewhat related (I also went to a show) I saw Cattle Decap two nights ago. May post pictures soon.
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It's a good laugh, and there are a couple of stand out tracks. But it really isnt on the same level as R. Borlax or The Mechanical Hand. I would still recommend picking it up. TMNT and Pizza Nif are awesome tracks.
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Saw them at SOTU last summer. Haven't heard anything besides that one really funny song, I think its called Lord Gold Throneroom or something like that.
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Vaginal Destruction

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oh man, sweet pics.
I'm seeing them in a week with The Number 12.. so it'll definitely be an amazing show.
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I've been into HORSE for two and a half years now. They were my first "core" band, and I still really like them.
One of their first shows ever was inside a tool shed in San Jose, CA.
Just the fact that a band played in a tool shed made it kind of a famous show.
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whoo that is awesome the closest thing to that for me is there is this place called ground zero and its pretty much a tiny house and ive seen Fall of troy, Tera Melos, Claymore and the hills have eyes play there its pretty cool but nothing close to HORSE in a tool shed
i'm not sure wether i like this band or not yet, hmmmmmmmm.
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This fine fellow speaks the truth.

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dude sonic music??? you're my hero!

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you do. listen to the black hole.
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This fine fellow speaks the truth.

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dude sonic music??? you're my hero!

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Love you

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HORSE The band is awesome and they have a bunch of videos on youtube one of them the synth guy is making fun of chiodos.
I looked them up in limewire and someone put in 'nintendocore' as the genre o.O

...Is that kinda like how people say Beneath the Massacre's guitars sound like a videogame?
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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM

^No, some retard made up that "genre" because of the video game-esque sounding keyboards.
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yeah hORSE the band is awesome

i wanted to see Them At Sounds Of The Underground
I really want to see them but they dont come that much and when they do its cancelled

those guys look alot different then they did in the video for birdo
^You just have to do it by ear.
I can do most of The Mechanical Hand album now.
I have cancer, fight me.
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