Ok, so, i recorded some 3 songs that i am proud of (for the most part) and i'd like you guys to give me some feedback. None of these tracks are final, as i want to add some other stuff to them, but just tell me what you think of them so far.

They're all on www.myspace.com/dougjustice

my favorite is "kick it with a tasty groove"

METAL and kick it are original, and i have a cover of the darkness' "i believe in a thing called love"

thanks in advance
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Somehow I feel this is a joke. Anyway, bluesy. Not bad. Sounds pretty cool.
You have some overall rhythm problems on Metal, its in time but your a little late or missing something somewhere. I'm not into the funk thing but it was pretty cool.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
thats some good stuff. i liek the kick it song . im using the toneport UX1 and the gearbox is pretty sweet. keep up the good work. the solo in metal is amazing, you truly have a talent at guitar

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pretty good, and i haven't even listened to it all yet
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dude, kick it with a tasty groove was amazing, did you do all the music your self?? great song

soem nasty drum fills and more double bass woulda been cool in metal, nice song overall tho, just needs more drums

and i believe in a thing called love is great, i just recently started liking that song, and you nailed the song pretty much, a few of the vocals notes seemed weird in the begginging

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I had a listen to kick it, and I found the timing and intonation sloppy, can't get my head around it.

I realise that's the style, but it's maybe a tad excessive.

It's a bit like a curry though, in that the overall effect is good.