There is no real thread for keyboards or synths so I put it in the pit...Hope that was ok

anyway, does anyone have either the microkorg or the micron? which one do you think is better or has more features? I am planning to get one of these. Any help would be great!

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My friend has the Microkorg and it is great. I believe that Brandon Flowers (from the Killers) might play one, but I can't compare it with the other one as I have never seen an Alesis Micron.
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The Alesis looks really good, and has the same processors as the Ion (I think that's what it's called), with just fewer controls and interface. I don't know about the Korg, but they are a very good brand.
I just bought the MicroKorg and Im going to pick it up on Monday or Tuesday. Firstly if you need samples of the MicroKorg theres millions here :


Anyways they are roughly the same price so price is no matter. Its the looks that got me. Would you like to be seen with the Micron, cause I wouldnt. It looks like a toy keyboard and you have to use an interface for everything and sliders for parameters, but it is said to be better than the MicroKorg. People say the MicroKorg is pretty hard to use so thats the 1 con.

Another tip, dont buy from Ebay. If your from UK look on AdTrader cause thats where I got mine for £180 including heavy duty flight case ( they were going for like £215 on Ebay ).Just look up local advert papers and stuff
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Both are hard to control, but the Microkorg is better. I sprung for the R3, and I tell you, it's the best $150 extra I've spent ever. The R3 is where it's at as as far as cheap synths go.
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