What is the best combination, not just for one genre, but for versatility. I was looking into Seymour Duncans for the neck and then a Gibson '59 for the bridge, but I don't want the two contrasting sounds to clash. I've always heard good things about having Seymour Duncans on your neck, but then what would be the bridge pickup. Oh, and I want to keep this under $200 USD, preferably. If that's not going to happen, I have a stock bridge pickup that is a real crap Humbucker that sounds atrocious and I'll just set it to pick up only using the bridge.

Thanks in advance!
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Well, it depends on what kinda music you plan to play with'em?
Also, what guitar is this going into?
Lastly, what kind of amp do you use?

Well, I initially wanted versatility. I play a lot or rock, jazz/blues on the odd day, but willing to sacrifice that for a premium rock sound, and the odd metal song thrown in. This will be going into a guitar that I'm re-building, which is initially a garbage SG replica, but after my tweaks, will look different. The guitar will only set me back $100, so I have money to work with upgrades.

And I play through a Vox AD30VT, but right now a Fender Prince Chorus (the antique kind, not the new one, vintage ftw!) which sounds amazing. I use that for clean and distortion, and my Vox for futuristic stuff.
It's a hardwood, I couldn't tell you for sure. I really want to say Maple though. The guitar has two pickups that look like the same kind of any Gibson Les Paul, size-wise anyway.
Maple? Probably not the whole guitae, though. Maple is hefty. So it's bright?

Eh, in any case, if you like Seymour Duncan, probably wanna look towards an SH-11 bridge / SH-2 Jazz or APH-1 Alnico Pro II in the neck for a pickup combo. The SH-11 will do rock great, and clean up nicely, too. And the SH-2 Jazz will cover blues and jazz. I use it for rock, though, as well. The Alnico Pro II is nice for rock and blues, as well, and just turn down the tone a bit for a nice jazzy tone.
I heard the SD Jazz/JB and 59/JB are pretty popular combos.
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