I am looking to purchase either of the two...Anyone have any pro/con arguments against either? Thanks...

- Ibanez SZ720FM (EMG 81/85)
- Ibanez RG1570(D-Sonic/Air Norton)
- Schecter C-1 Classic
- Carvin CT6M (Deep Blue on Quilted Maple)

- Mesa Boogie Rectifier Road King II w/ RK 2x12 Cab
- Boss GT-8
- Ibanez TS9DX
- Monster PRO 2500
well, i'm pretty sure the're close to the same specs, the classic has a neck-thru design, with seymour duncan pickups (not duncan designed, real things) while the exotic star has schecter pickups and a set neck, the set neck will feel like a neck through though, so it's all preferance on that, and i've never tried the guitar, so i can't speak for it's pickups