This is me playing Purple Haze with a backingtrack, I play the solo different than Mr. Hendrix since I one time I was just screwing around while playing along with the song and this kind of came along then I figured it would be kind of nice to stick with it since I kind of made it my own that way .

I was/am having some trouble with getting my bend to the right pitch, especially with this song since it has so many bends, I really hope I improved them, I think I did but I'm not sure if it really good now...

I know there are a few sloppy mistakes but .. bleghhg

Please tell me what you think of it

ya i enjoyed it but there is some light in the background that was annoying but im going to check out your other videos now
i thought it was rather good, what kind of amp do you use?

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It was decent. I couldn't tell if you were using two or three fingers when bending, but use three all the time. The bends were pretty much way off. Not awful though. Want to crit my cover?

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I liked the chord section, but the timings when it was the other parts of teh song wasn't great and the bends were off. Try just practicing doing bends out of the song context, and just keep practicing until you can stick the bends in pitch perfect without thinking.
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it will be great if you crit that
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I'll check it out someday soon Ben and leave a crit ofcourse ! (I'm on my parents crappy comp now so I can't listen to it now, but I will )
Great cover! Just get more fluent on some stuff!! Solo, needs work. But not bad. Also you look like Rabidguitarist who is always posting in the pit lol.. Same hair!
To be really frank, I did not enjoy that.
Your great tone was just slaughtered by your weak bends. Your solo was all over the floor and I just couldn't bear it. I give you credit for trying but please don't forget about all the post made here and follow the advice people have given you. Perhaps your next video would be much better.

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Also thanks to you Wussupwiththat for your honest opinion , I am working on it!

BTW, I think my next cover will be Harvester of Sorrow - Metallica, it will take maybe a (few) mont(s) before I really nail it (solo too).