I started writing a manual for music theory focusing on guitars. I want it to be comprehensive but understandable to all players especially new players.

I am going to include

Definitions of Terms

Scales and Modes
Intervals and Cadences
Major and its modes
Harmonic and Melodic Minors and their respective modes
Synthetic Scales (Augmented, Diminished's, Wholetone, etc)

Tertiary Harmony and Triads

Chord Construction and Arpeggios

Scale-to-Chord Compatibility

Chord Progressions

They will probably be presented in that order. I will draw out scale shapes. Explain progressions and how to solo appropriately according to theory. people here on UG ask daily "how do i harmonize this?" "what key is this in?" "What scale, what chord, what ...?" If these people had a resource they could expedite their music creation.

I am going to need editors that know music theory and editors that don't. The ones that know can correct errors or ambiguities. The ones that don't could say "this sentence isnt making sense."

who wants to be an editor? i will email you drafts as they are created.
that is a good resource. i was dreaming about doing a similar thing. i think im going to keep working on it anyway.

as for editors, yeah proof readers for errors