im in england and anyhting except the stack it doesnt matter to me what size it is and probably got up to £150-200 to spend
oh, WTB means want to buy
i thought it meant want to bin...
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I have the 212 check it on ebay.

EDIT: removed ebay link lol


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I got a 30W Line 6 Spider II - Its pretty descent, PM Me if interested
Cort M800 - £320
Cort MR780FX - £220
I 'm situated in England, with a line 6 Spider II 30watt. In perfect condition and the FBV express floorboard which retails at £60 on it's own. interested?
I have the Spider 2 212 150w combo, I'd be happy to sell for about £175 - £200.
only spider 2 or would you go for the 3?
Call me Duncan.

Nearly always have D'addario EXL110 strings instock - just ask!

Custom made guitar slides available - choose the glass, length etc.. Engraving availible. PM or email for more info.


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