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1 7%
4 29%
3 21%
6 43%
Voters: 14.
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There once was a ghastly old man.
He liked to hide in garbage cans.
One day he got stuck,
and along came the truck,
now he's stuck with a permanent tan.

Terrible Limericks Get All The Girls

Once I woke up in a well
And thought to myself "What the hell?"
I tried to climb up
But never reached the top
And now even harder I fell.

"The oracle found a tableau, sit
upon this table and depose it--"
A man stands up and says
"This doesn't make any sense."
"That's alright, sir, I'm a poet."

The snow under me starts compressing
My brother and sister confessing.
They poured the salt
but it's not their fault
That I drowned in the lake, how depressing.
Quote by #1 synth
God, i hate limericks...

I agree...
but I'm going to have to go with green.
Quote by Cal UK
Alk hit the nail on the head there.
tough call for me two but... let me read them again... SO HARD, but I like orange better.

Stay quiet...
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We're all different, we have different tastes. People hate people that are different, these people are racist. Racist against the scene. Scensist.....Sceneracist,........ Rascenesist.
alright lets see if we can get a few more in here... whether you think limericks suck or not.
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2- Retribution (3pts)
3- SilenceEvolves (2pts)
4- Bassbeat77 (1pts)

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