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57 88%
8 12%
Voters: 65.
Of course.
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1 day? Sure. I week? sure. 1 month? Um... gotta get laid a few more times before that happens...
That particular day? Definitely not, I have an exam on Monday.

Some random day? Sure, it'd be pretty easy if I don't have school, although I'd have to make plans to actually do something that day or I'd be super bored.
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That falls on spring break for me so...very yes.
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Considering I'm in college, no. If it was not during the school year, it would be easy as pie.
ive a gig on that day, so anyway i wont be at home the whole day....i can
I've gone a whole day without the computer a couple times, I just had other things to occupy my time.

So if I'm gonna go that day without the comp, I'd probably need to sleep in, start a new game in Twilight Princess, go for a bike ride, and go out for dinner.
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No. Unless it was next Sunday - I can't remember the date. If it's this week, it's too late. If it's next week, then mebbe.
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yeah, i dont want to tho
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Yea... duh. I've got guitar, video games, TV, all kinds of shit to do. I don't LIVE on my computer, I just stay on it all the time because I have nothing else to do.
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Pff, I could do that easily.
And for all the people saying "yea, I'd just play video games instead"... isn't that kinda cheating the point? Just switching from your computer to your XBox isn't exactly a moral high ground there...
Of course.

Bandpractice, and just chill!
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It's pretty sad if you cant go a day without a computer, I've gone 2 wees before while on trips and it's not like it's hard.
Yeah piece of piss. But my little brother couldn't. He would have to be on Infamous gangsters.
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A single day?

But I'm not going to go out of my way NOT to start up my computer.
That would just be stupid.
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I could do it pretty easily if i wanted and just play guitar and go out with friends, but if im stuck at home all day i'd probably use my computer to talk to people. If I had some motivation to do it then yea, it would be easy
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powerslave756 speaks the truth.

I don't want to.
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I could but i need one for work and it would be dumb to shut it down for that day but my home computer i could/ probably will