so i think ive found the source of the buzzing.

the crybaby!

is this possible? when i unhooked it, it seemed a lot quieter...

also, what is the quality of the bypass on the digidelay and the DS1? i know its great on the TS808. what about the morley power wah?

yeah, the original crybaby can be a noisey pedal. Any unshielded wires can act as an antennae, and the buffer circuit they use kind of sucks tone badly. It's really noticable even when it's in the signal chain and not even on. I used to pick up radio signals sometimes with mine, lol. I would either look into modding it, which is very cheap and effective, or look at alternatives.

The mods are cheap and fun though, and not hard really at all. They have a thread in the GB&C forum. I added a true bypass switch, a fasel inductor, and switches to change resistors and caps for different sounds. Pic
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well i hate the tone of it.

even bypassed, the thing makes the DS1 noisier.

how is the morley power wah?
ok now its coming back.

if i bought a noise suppressor, and stuck it at the end of my chain, would that help?