I've been playing guitar for about 3 years now, and I think that I should invest in a better guitar.
My first guitar was a really nice fender accoustic, but I think I went down a step when I got my squier Strat. I mainly play Punk, Rock, Metal and Emo, and it needs to look the part on stage. I was thinking an Epi les paul Custom, but I'm not sure.

Help please?!
Erm... Yeah...
Epi Les Paul Custom is a great guitar, but you should also check out:

-Schecter Omen-6. Awesome Value for money
-Fender Mexican Standard HSS strat. Very versatile. Much better than a squier, contrary to popular opinion
-Ibanez RG350. Great middle-class metal/shred guitar, now comes with a maple fretboard.

Try 'em out if you can. See which suits you best.
That's the perfect choice. Frank Iero from MCR plays one. The LP is the typical EMO/Punk guitar anyway. It's actually going to be my next guitar. Get the silverburst one off of musicians-friend. It looks great.
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Typical Emo guitar? haha. I have the same guitar as teh guy from MCR/Foreigner. And personally I think it looks better as a blues guitar. But thats just me.
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I always have liked Schecters. Only problem is I don't know of any shops in London that sells them so I could try one out. Plus are the Epi's heavy?
Erm... Yeah...
Soundcontrol sells Schecter. Whats your max price?
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